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About Mizo Church

We believe that as we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal His purposes
and to presence Himself among His Church, people’s lives will be transformed.
Our leadership is Spirit-led and our activities and programs are Spirit directed.

Message from our Pastor

Welcome to the Mizo SDA Church in Burtonsville, MD. We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Upcoming Events
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Sermon Series

  • Sabbath Sermons

    Kohhran Sabbath Ni inkhawma (Sabbath Ni lo a mi tlem a tel tho) mi hrang hrangte sermon tha tak tak series a ni a. Thupui/topic…

  • Pastor PL Thlenga Fall Revival 2022

    Pastor PL Thlenga Harhtharna sermon-te hian kan kohhran member-te min kaiharh nasa hle a, lo la ngaihthla zel turte pawhin thlarau lamah malsawmna duhawm tak…

  • Beiseina Nung Crusade

    Beiseina Nung Crusade sermon-te puangtu hi Pastor Tawkthanga Chhakchhuak a ni. Bible dik zia leh a chhiartute tan beiseina nung neih theihna a nih zia…

  • Hun Hnuhnung Atana Thuchah Crusade

    He crusade sermon-te hi Pastor Lalbiakdika Chhangte sawi an ni a, hun hnuhnung atana kan lo inbuatsaihtheihna tur atana thuchah pawimawh tak takte a sawi…

  • Summer Revival Camp 2023

    Summer Revival Camp 2023 sermon lawrkhawm a ni a. Pastor Lalengliana Khiangte hova Revival Camp kan neih hmasak ber tum a ni a. Harhtharna leh…

  • Fall Crusade 2023

    "Krista Panna Kailawn" tih thupui hmangin Pastor Lalengliana Khiangte-in piantharna leh siamthar lehna chungchang sermons that tak tak a sawina sermon-te an ni.